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Naveen Kumar Singh

Principal Consultant - PST, SPC, Agile Coach, CSD & LFST

Naveen is a professional agile coach and has been working independently for a long time in the Asia Pacific. He works with the software development team and product team to develop awesome products based on empirical processes.

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Naveen Kumar Singh’S BIO

Professional Summary

He is an Enterprise Lean-Agile Coach and Certified Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), has multiple years of product development experience, and has worked with many organizations in different roles, including developer to delivery head. He has consulted organizations in large-scale agile adoption to become agile, reduce time to market, and respond to change faster. He is an early agile developer and teaches the development team and organizations about DevOps culture, methods, and tools. He has working knowledge in Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Telecom, Travel, and Retail business domains and has worked on multiple digital transformation initiatives.

He facilitates innovation sprints for teams to come up with breakthrough ideas within 40 hours and build a product in 30 days. He helps grow businesses with sprint(s). You heard it right. It is all about sprint. It can be a design, innovation, improvement, development, or DevOps sprint. It is 40 hours to 4 months program. Highly customizable based on organization, culture, and team maturity.

His Areas of Expertise:

  • The Leadership Circle Profile™ Coach
  • Marshal Goldsmith Executive Coach
  • Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT)
  • SAFe® Practice Consultant (SPC)
  • A Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) from Scrum.org
  • LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainer (LFST) from LeSS
  • Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) trainer from Scrum Alliance
  • ICAgile Trainer for Agile Coaching & DevOps
  • PMI Approved Trainer for Discipline Agile (DA)

Naveen focuses on large-scale agile adoption starting from lean portfolio management by helping organizations with lean budgeting, agile contracts, and relevant metrics to track the outcome. In addition, having experience in software development enables him to guide them on engineering practices through teaching and coaching practices such as Test-Driven Development (TDD), Behavior-Driven Development (BDD), Pair Programming, DevOps, Emergent Design, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Agile Testing, etc.

He is active in the Agile community and participates in major events as a speaker and volunteer. He has presented papers in Global Scrum Gatherings and other Agile and Scrum conferences and meet-ups globally. He shares his knowledge of agile, scrum, Kanban, and technical practices on Medium. He runs a community of 18000+ people to learn and share practices and tools in agile ways of working through Agile 30.

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Boost Your Skills with Expert-Led Certification Training

2-day of training on business analysis. Must have skills for the Scrum team to define the requirement for a product or project, develop requirements, and validate requirements.

This program introduces Agile Values & Principles, Scrum Framework, Acceptance Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development, Test Driven Development, Refactoring, Emergent Design, Agile Architecture, Collaboration, and refactoring techniques to the audience and follows a life cycle approach where participants get to learn how to practice these in real-life projects. Participants learn to implement TDD on a project developing in either java, .net, ruby, python, or C++ framework. The workshop also covers how to effectively work on legacy code and break dependencies.

Coaching product development team on Scrum to be agile. As part of the coaching, I coach the product team until teams feel confident in continuing this journey themselves. The product can be anything including digital product, software product, hardware product, or marketing product.

One of the two Continuous Learning Certifications (CLCs) on the Agile Coaching and Facilitation track, the ICP-ACC focuses primarily on the mindset, roles, and responsibilities of an Agile Coach. This unique workshop allows candidates to experience both the ‘doing’ and ‘being’ of agile coaching. With a strong focus on stimulating real-world practical scenarios, aspiring, in transition, and existing coaches will be equipped with the right skills and tools to craft powerful ways to address challenges in a better manner.

Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced: Mastering the Product Owner Stances course is highly recommended. A 2-day class will not be enough preparation for most people to pass the PSPO II.

The Professional Scrum Master™ level II (PSM II) training is for anyone who has a good understanding of Scrum and is playing the role of Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Change Agent...

The Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) is a 2-day course that focuses on how to maximize the value of the product.

The Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course is the market-leading Scrum Master training developed by Scrum.org and Ken Schwaber, co-creator of Scrum.

This coaching is not limited to the Scrum framework because just Scrum may not help in getting software that every organization desires. I focus more on Extreme Programming and coach teams.....

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