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Agilemania's trainers have the expertise in training, consulting and coaching whole organization on agility. Our trainers and coaches having extensive experience in behavioral coaching, processes coaching, leadership coaching and technical coaching. Coaches are certified from ICF, ICAgile, Scrum Alliance,, LeSS, Scaled Agile Academy and other leading body. We bring best training programs from, ICAgile, LeSS, SAFe and Kanban. We have been known for quality and majority of work that we do are from our existing customers. We have been serving in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India and China.

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Scrum Alliance

we have supported the agile movement as the only member-driven nonprofit certifying body in the agile space. As a trade association, we were founded and funded by the community for the community, a privilege we take seriously

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Technical Agility

Agile and DevOps both aim towards delivering quality software in a timely manner. The difference between agile and DevOps is that agile focuses on optimizing the development life-cycle, while DevOps unites development and operations in a CI/CD environment.

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Accredited Kanban Trainer and Kanban Coaching Professional are registered trademarks of Kanban University. Agilemania is a registered partner of delivering Kanban University Courses.

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In this practical and interactive 5-module class, you will explore current "brain science" as it relates to human learning in environments. You'll discover 6 specific brain-science principles and a 4-step instructional design model that you can use in your own teaching and training.

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