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Leading with Agility (ICP-LEA) Certification

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Course Description

The nature of leadership has changed over the period. The longstanding top-down, command & control leadership style is not successful in the current and adaptive work environment. These environments require a paradigm shift in leaders and their understanding of what constitutes effective leadership. This set of Learning Outcomes focuses on developing leaders who are adaptive and agile in their leadership style.


Personal agility and relationship agility in leadership.

Personal and Professional Mastery to be an agile leadership.

Business and enterprise agility in leadership.

Building high performing teams.

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Course Objectives

  • Why and what agile leadership is need in VUCA world.
  • Personal agility and relationship agility in leadership.
  • Personal and Professional Mastery to be an agile leadership.
  • Business and enterprise agility in leadership.
  • Building high performing teams.
  • Uncovering your personal mental models.
  • Your values, and applying them as a leader.

Who Should Attend?

This certification was specifically designed for leaders where one or more of the following criteria apply:

  • Leaders or aspiring leaders at any level in an organization
  • People at any level who lead or aspire to lead in an organization on a business agility journey
  • Leaders who see the value of growing an agile organization and are committed to developing themselves as agile leaders to achieve that aim

Course Topics

The impact of prominent trends and the VUCA world and the drawbacks of the waterfall method for developing new products. Problems with how we still manage and lead and a better way. We shall discuss theories X and Y’s view of leadership.

Let’s have a walkthrough of Leadership history and how it has developed until today, starting with authoritative to collaborative leadership styles.

Examples of frameworks and cases. Nine leadership principles and the gardener metaphor. How can performance be supported with alternative ways of working while working in Agile? Leadership Maturity exercise.

Emotional intelligence, mental models, and mindful leadership. The organization has a social construct and interpersonal mush vs. interpersonal clarity. How we are biased: 4 examples of biases that we all hold and the antidote. The four selves of a leader with a self-assessment.

Basic conflict theory and finding the right balance between harmony and creative conflict in a team or organization.

How do we make sure that what we communicate get the intended result and that we are clear on how to share the right stuff to make sense for people, regardless of cognitive differences?

working cross-functionally and spanning boundaries of different kinds, inside and outside the organization and between topics, areas, and diverse people. Buddy System exercise.

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Certification Assessments

  • This training is certified by International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile), a certification and accreditation body.
  • Upon completing the course and submission and approval of your course assignment, you will receive (knowledge) certification in ICP- Leading with Agility (ICP-LEA).


Enterprise Agile Coaching is about transforming an entire organisation into Agile. You will need at least 3-years of experience as a Scrum Team member to attend this training. Demonstration of a journey of learning through education, mentorship and collaborative learning in coaching and related activities over a minimum of 3 years.

We do not cover the fundamentals of coaching in this course. To get the most out of this training it is recommended that:

  • The participant should have at least 1+ years of experience as a team coach.
  • The participant should already own any of the professional coaching credentials.

Successful completion of this course results in the ICAgile Certified Professional –Agile Enterprise Coach (ICP-LEA) designation from the internationally recognized ICAgile certification body.

You will receive 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs on the successful completion of this workshop.

Cancellation requests received within 24 hours of registration would be offered a full refund (minus payment gateway charges), please reach out to our support team through drop a refund request toconnect@agilemania.com. Visit our page for more details about Cancellation & Refund Policy.

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Leading With Agility (ICP-LEA) Certification

Leading With Agility (ICP-LEA) Certification