We help you achieve Business Agility at Scale

Leverage the deep expertise of Agilemania’s SAFe® Consulting team to accelerate your transformation by helping you navigate challenges and avoid potential pitfalls.


Benefits of Business Agility with SAFe®

Establish and Support collaboration throughout the Enterprise with SAFe® helping achieve Customer Centricity and Deliver Value. Adopt a holistic approach to thrive in the Digital economy.

Agilemania Services for SAFe®

Are you looking for Scaling Agile across the Enterprise and deliver customer centric solutions? Leverage the deep expertise and pragmatic approach of Agilemania’s SAFe® Consulting team to sustain and accelerate your transformation.

SAFe Implementation

Implementing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) can pose difficulties, particularly in certain aspects. With Agilemania consultations, one can overcome all these challenges in an easiest manner.


  • Common language across the organization
  • Vision and roadmap to drive the transformation
  • Organizing everyone in the organization around Value

Our Solution

  • GOLD SPCT Partner, trusted Scaled Agile Consultants
  • “Skin in the Game” approach with Measurable Benefits and Business Value
  • Combined Consulting experience of 100+ years with expertise in industries like Banking, Telecom, Retail, Renewable Energy, Hardware and Manufacturing, High-Tech, Healthcare, Industrial Automation, Fintech, Start-up Ecosystem
  • Double Digit Result improvement in the areas of Employee Engagement, Customer Satisfaction, Productivity and Efficiency
SAFe Implementation

Launch and Coach Agile Release Trains

Launching and coaching Agile Release Trains (ARTs) can be difficult due to the complexity of coordinating multiple teams. Agilemania, as a consulting firm, can help resolve these difficulties.

By leveraging their expertise, offering change management support, emphasizing continuous improvement, and adopting a collaborative approach, Agilemania can effectively resolve the difficulties associated with launching and coaching Agile Release Trains.


  • Siloed teams and focus on components
  • Lack of common approaches across the Enterprise
  • Continued Coaching and Consulting support for Execution
  • Measuring Business Agility

Our Solution

  • Strategic and tactical support on ART launches.
  • Vast experience of coaching Agile Release Trains of varied sizes in multiple geographies.
  • Value Stream Identification and Value Stream Mapping to expedite value delivery and reduce delays
  • “Train the Trainer” modules for Product Owners / Managers, Scrum Masters, Architects and RTE.
Launch and Coach Agile Release Trains

LPM and APM Advisory

Implementing LPM and APM practices can be challenging, but with the right advisory support, organizations can navigate these complexities and achieve successful outcomes.


  • Understanding the needs of the customer when the customers themselves are not clear
  • Working with constraints of cost/schedule and scope, but being flexible for change
  • Ever changing compliance and regulations
  • Operationalization and scaling
  • Governance for a varied mix of initiatives
  • Flow of initiatives and right funding allocation
  • Current and future state of portfolio

Our Solution

  • Practical tools and techniques necessary to implement the Lean Portfolio Management functions of Strategy and Investment Funding, Agile Portfolio Operations, and Lean Governance
  • Help Product Manager’s to define a vision, strategy, and roadmap to tap into new markets.
  • Pragmatic approaches to help setup LPM function and sustain.
  • Help LPM and APM functions to measure business value through outcome based metrics, OKRs and KPIs.
  • Helped leaders connect strategy to execution.
LPM and APM Advisory

SAFe® Training

Our expert coaches use brain-based learning to enable and empower individuals to achieve Business Agility. We offer training options to enhance skills and competencies for successful transformations. The focus is on executing and leading transformations effectively.


  • Usage of SAFe tools/practices and patterns by the organization
  • Organizational communication
  • Connecting strategy to execution
  • Customer satisfaction

Our Solution

  • Combined experience of 30+ years delivering SAFe® trainings
  • Trained 7000+ on different SAFe® trainings
  • As a GOLD SPCT partner, we can train on all SAFe® training including SPC and RTE
  • Enroll to our upcoming training
SAFe® Training

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