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Roles And Responsibilities Of A SAFe® Product Owner

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  • Sep 19th 2022
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As the technology is growing and evolving, the demand for SAFe® Product Owners is also increasing. Organizations are also transforming, initially, companies transitioned from waterfall to agile now they are implementing SAFe®- SAFe® isn't something related to safety but SAFe® means a scaled agile framework. It provides structured guidelines on roles and responsibilities, works planning, and values to follow. Now, since we are discussing SAFe® Product Owners, let's further discuss what is a Product Owner and what are the roles and responsibilities of SAFe® Product Owners.

What Is A SAFe® Product Owner?

The SAFe®  Product Owner is also a team member who communicates on the behalf of customers he takes care of product details, explaining the requirements to the team including product managers and other PO, and stakeholders. In SAFe®, due to a large number of products and projects, his duty is to work on the selected product backlogs and order them as per priority There can be no more than two Agile teams supported by one PO.

Managing the overall product vision is the responsibility of the SAFe® PO, under the supervision of the SAFe® Product Manager.  A SAFe® Product Owner's Roles and Responsibilities A SAFe® PO's primary responsibilities are to extend across the team, and even beyond that to participate in Product Management events, where she helps plan and refine the program vision.

1. PI Planning

Product Owners have to participate in the event during PI (program implementation) planning and PO plays an important role in this. Participation and close involvement of every PO is also required during program backlog refinement. The PO will maintain the team backlog and contribute to the creation of the vision and roadmap before the event. During the event planning process, the PO should have a clear understanding and clear representation whenever needed. A team-wide PI objectives map will be created for the upcoming PI by the SAFe team.

2. During the iteration

During the process of iteration, PO plays an extremely important role.
  • Product Owners used to create, update and maintain a team backlog from the stakeholders as well as from the team.
  • POs are responsible for reviewing and ordering the team backlog before Iteration Planning. They may need to coordinate dependencies with other POs to accomplish this.
  • User story details are clarified during the Iteration Planning event, and the PO is on hand to ensure alignment and concurrence.
  • PO keeps track of slow and priorities during the iteration planning when the team explains backlog items.
  • Using Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) practices, POs work with the team to flesh out each story.
  • In order to complete accepted stories, the PO will work closely with the team. and see whether they meet the Definition of Done and quality standards that have been laid down.
  • They also participate in events such as the Iteration Retrospective and the Agile Release Train’s Inspect & Adapt workshop, providing feedback from the customer's perspective.

3. During the Program Execution

When the process is going on the Product Owner will communicate with other Product Owners to ensure the smooth flow of work without any obstacles. They used to have a sync-up meeting every week.

4. Analysis and Adaptation

This workshop is held to remove any hindrance that comes during the smooth process. Teams with the PO, who is responsible for process innovation, come together during this event to see how they can improve processes and increase team velocity. During an Innovation and Analysis workshop, the PO participates in and demos the PI system to stakeholders.

Do You Want To Become A Product Owner?

The Product Owner plays a central role in any project, defining the product strategy and getting deep into customer requirements to prioritize features. They are responsible for delivering what the customer wants and exceeding their expectations while managing the balance of features considering the economy as well.

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