Jerry Rajamoney

Agile Coach - ICF-PCC, ICF & EMCC Certified Team

He is one of the top 5 in the Agile community to have achieved the dual credential of Professional Coach (PCC) & Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC). A software technologist and an SME in Agile Software Development with 20+ years of experience, Jerry is passionate about building hyper-productive teams which help organizations in their quest for Agility and Digital Transformation in today’s VUCA world.

Jerry Rajamoney

ICF Certified Professional Coach | ICF & EMCC Certified Team Coach | IAF Endorsed Group Facilitator | Leadership Coach | Leadership Culture Transformation | ICAgile Trainer

Jerry Rajamoney is a Certified Scrum Coach (CSC) for over 20 years. Building Hyper-Productive Teams that support organizations in their pursuit of agility and digital transformation in today's VUCA world is something he is passionate about as a Highly Skilled Agile Coach. He plans, organizes, leads, and inspires agile project teams to surpass performance and delivery goals using agile approaches that can be used across many business divisions.

Area of Expertise:

  • Implementing industry best practices and continuous improvement initiatives, building hyperproductive teams, transforming into an agile enterprise, and strategic planning
  • Building the Agile Adoption Framework and choosing an Agile Transformation plan based on business needs
  • Agile adoption framework planning and execution, which includes a succession of company-wide training sessions, workshops, mentoring, and coaching
  • Collaborating with multi-site businesses to improve their business models to be more agile

Jerry Rajamoney's mission is to help organizations achieve agility and digital transformation in today's VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world.

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