Jul 6th, 2020

Enterprise Agile Coach Masterclass with Two ICAgile Certifications (ICP-ENT & ICP-CAT)

Jerry Rajamoney
Jerry Rajamoney

He is one of the top 5 in the Agile community to have achieved the dual credential of Professional ... Read more

ICAgile is the world’s leading certification body for agile which offers the practitioner with a clear and broad learning roadmap made up of separate tracks. Each of these modules contains at least two high standard knowledge-based certifications and each of these modules ends with a competency-based Certifications called ICAgile Expert. The Enterprise Coaching for Agility track also follows the same structure.

About the Masterclass

During this, a week-long 5-day (4 hours/day) highly interactive Enterprise Agile Coach Masterclass includes two advanced ICAgile Certified courses, Enterprise Agility Masterclass (ICP - ENT) and Coaching for Enterprise Agility (ICP - CAT) into a week-long intensive Masterclass program for the experienced Agile practitioners.

During this highly interactive and advanced masterclass training, we will cover organizational development, large group facilitation, leadership coaching, structural and process design, organizational design and change process, human change process, and many more. By attending this advanced interactive Masterclass 5 days program, you will receive the advanced skills needed to coach at the enterprise level within an organizational change context.

Value Add of our Masterclass - Leadership Circle assessment:

If you enrol for our Enterprise Coach Masterclass program you are offered a free debriefing of “leadership circle” self-assessment. This is absolutely free (usually it costs around 500 USD). This is the most famous leadership assessment available as of now in the market.

What you will learn & Get

With this intensive 5 days training, you will get to learn how to design processes with agile in mind as well as how marketing, sales, and finance should be engaged for business agility.

We, Will, cover these topics during our week-long training and after successfully completing the course, the participants will receive the ICAgile ICP-CAT & ICP-ENT Certification. Along with,

  • Comprehensive Courseware
  • The workshop will be facilitated by certified experts
  • 20 PDUs and SEUs on course completion

Course Topics

These are the following topics areas we will cover throughout the 5days Bootcamp program!

Understanding the Whole Value Stream

  • Understanding Systems and Complexity Theory
  • Lean Underpinnings & Mindset

Business Agility

  • Understanding Business Agility
  • Extending Agility to the Enterprise
  • Measuring Business Performance with Agility in Mind

Organization Design and Structure

  • Awareness of Organizational Structure
  • Adaptive Principles and Patterns for Organizational DesignAgile Frameworks for Enterprise Scaling
  • Organizational Processes and Improvement
  • Understanding Business Processes and their Impact

Working with Leaders

  • Understanding and Working with Executive Teams
  • Understanding Executive Coaching vs. Advising
  • Understanding Leadership Development

Organizational Culture and Alignment

  • Understanding Organizational Culture
  • Engaging Leadership in Conversation about Culture
  • Developing an Agile Team Culture
  • Health and Sustainability of Agile Teams and Agile Processes
  • Enabling Technical Craftsmanship in the Team Culture

EAC Skills And Scope

  • The field of EAC
  • Self-Mastery, Professional Development and Ethics

Change And Agile Transitions

  • Organisation and Human Change Processes
  • Agile Transition and Transformation Change Strategies
  • Working with Organizational Impediments
  • Communicating, Educating and Facilitating for Organizational Change

Pre Requisites

Though we do not cover the fundamentals of coaching in this course, to get the most out of this training it is recommended that:
  • The participant should have at least 3 years’ of experience as a team coach [mandatory]
  • The participants should have attended an ICAgile Certified Professional– Agile Coaching course (ICP – ACC) [Mandatory]
  • The participants should already own any of the professional coaching credentials [good to have this].

About the Trainer:

Jerry is one of the top 5 in the Agile community to have achieved the dual credential of Professional Coach (PCC) & Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC). For complete details click here.

Program Cost

The total investment for this program is USD 1898 (Early Bird) & 2198 (Regular price).

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Jerry Rajamoney

He is one of the top 5 in the Agile community to have achieved the dual credential of Professional Coach (PCC) & Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC). A software technologist and an SME in Agile Software Development with 20+ years of experience, Jerry is passionate about building hyper-productive teams which help organizations in their quest for Agility and Digital Transformation in today’s VUCA world.

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