Jul 19th, 2022

Top 10 Benefits of SAFe® Scrum Master Certification


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Scaling agile practices across large organizations has become increasingly common. Nearly 50% of Scrum Masters reported using a scaling framework like SAFe®, LeSS, or Nexus for their agile implementations. With larger-scale agile adoptions, companies are seeking Scrum Masters who understand how to facilitate agile processes and align work across multiple teams and programs.

Gaining SAFe® Scrum Master certification provides a solid foundation in Scrum principles and practices. The certification covers facilitating Scrum events, coaching self-organization, and integrating Scrum within the SAFe® framework.

For Scrum Masters looking to advance their skills, the SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master certification delves deeper into enterprise-wide agile coaching, leading cross-team collaboration through techniques like Scrum of Scrums, and driving continuous improvement. 

SAFe® Scrum Master certification is becoming increasingly popular among Agile practitioners, and the reason behind its popularity is its benefits. So, without any further delay, let's start discussing the benefits of SAFe® Scrum master certifications.

SAFe® Scrum Master Certification Benefits 

1. Increase in Productivity- SAFe® enables high-performance teams and teams of teams to eliminate unnecessary work, identify and eliminate delays, continuously improve, and ensure the right things are built.

2. A Higher Salary- SAFe® Scrum Masters are in high demand and command a premium salary.  As per Payscale’s report, an average certified Scrum Master in India earns around 1,489,161/year. According to the Scrum Institute, the average salary for a certified Scrum Master in the US in 2024 is $113,381/year. 

Now, this salary range can vary based on your years of experience, certifications, and job. With the SAFe® Scrum Master Certification, you can show employers that you have the skills and knowledge to be an effective Scrum Master. The certification is also recognized by your peers that you are a SAFe® Scrum Master.



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3. Increased Job Opportunities- There are various reasons to become a  SAFe® SCRUM Master, as this certification will give you an edge over others when competing for jobs or interviewing for new positions within your company or elsewhere. With this certification, you will be able to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in using the SAFe® Scrum framework. You will also be able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your team's Scrum process.

4. Creating Higher Levels of Employee Engagement- One of the advantages of SAFe®  scrum master certification is helping skilled workers to achieve autonomy, mastery, and purpose, that gives motivation among the employees, companies which are practicing SAFe® have many tools to burn out the stress of employees and increase employee satisfaction and this generates more employee engagement.

5. Taking on Challenges- SAFe® scrum master has huge roles and responsibility . SAFe® scrum masters are those who take on the challenges of scrum and help their teams to be successful. They understand the principles of scrum and know how to apply them to real-world situations. They are also able to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of scrum and find new ways to help their teams be successful.

6. Enables Enterprise Agile Adoption- The SAFe® framework provides guidance on scaling agile practices across large organizations. SAFe® Scrum Masters understand how to integrate Scrum teams into program increments and release trains that align large numbers of teams. This knowledge is invaluable for companies adopting agile at scale.

7. Drives Business Agility- SAFe® helps organizations rapidly respond to changing market conditions and customer needs. Certified SAFe Scrum Masters can coach teams to deliver value frequently and pivot quickly. This business agility gives companies a competitive advantage.

8. Supports Innovation- SAFe® emphasizes relentless improvement and empowers teams to continuously refine their processes. Certified Scrum Masters can foster a culture of learning and innovation. They encourage new ideas to enhance productivity, quality, and speed to market.

9. Promotes Lean-Agile Leadership- Effective agile adoption requires buy-in and commitment from all levels of leadership. SAFe®-certified Scrum Masters understand how to act as change agents that influence leaders to embrace lean-agile values and principles organization-wide.

10. Helps Manage Complexity- Large solutions requiring hundreds of people are inherently complex. SAFe® provides proven models for structuring teams, planning, and delivering solutions in a coordinated way. Certified SAFe® Scrum Masters can effectively navigate this complexity.

What Is The Process To Get SAFe® Scrum Master Certification?

Getting certified as a SAFe® scrum master is an important step in becoming a successful scrum master. Certification shows that you have the knowledge and understanding of the SAFe® scrum master framework. It also shows that you can lead a team to success using SAFe® scrum master practices. 

To get certified, you must pass the SAFe®  scrum master examination. The certification process is designed to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful scrum master.

  1. Create a study plan. Outline the exam topics and schedule regular study sessions over several weeks. Ensure your plan provides enough time to cover all material thoroughly.

  2. Take practice assessments. Mock exams will expose you to the types of questions you'll encounter. Review your performance to identify weak areas needing more focus.

  3. Analyze practice test results. Understand why you answered questions correctly versus incorrectly. 

  4. Watch explanatory YouTube videos

  5. Read all recommended study materials carefully (you’ll get the materials once you register for the training). In addition to the SAFe guide, read books, articles, or other resources provided during your Scrum Master course.

Preparing purposefully using a multi-modal approach across several weeks increases your likelihood of passing. Combine reading, videos, practice tests, and study groups to ensure you internalize the knowledge. With diligent preparation, you will be ready to confidently pass the SAFe® Scrum Master certification on exam day.

Are You Ready For The SAFe® Scrum Master Certification?

Certified Scrum Masters gain skills to drive enterprise agility, increase team productivity, and coach organizational change. They also enjoy improved career prospects and higher salaries.

However, the certification exam requires thorough preparation. Be sure to create a structured study plan and use recommended prep materials. Practice tests, videos, study groups, and reviewing the SAFe® guide will get you ready.

With the demand for scaled agility growing, now is the perfect time to advance your agile coaching abilities. SAFe® Scrum Master certification equips you with the knowledge needed to facilitate agile adoption across large organizations.

If you want to take your Scrum Master skills to the next level, then get started on your SAFe® certification journey today. Invest in quality training, commit to rigorous studying, and register to take the exam once fully prepared. With focus and dedication, you can pass the test and become a certified SAFe® Scrum Master.

Gaining SAFe® Scrum Master certification provides a solid foundation in Scrum principles and practices. The certification covers facilitating Scrum events, coaching self-organization, and integrating Scrum within the SAFe® framework.


Any Scrum master certification is worth it if you want to show you’ve invested time and effort to understand Agile & Scrum practices. However, if you want to guide multiple teams at a large enterprise level, having a SAFe® Scrum Master certification will definitely open up networking and career growth opportunities. 


Both CSM and SSM certifications serve different purposes. CSM is a broadly recognized certification for fundamentals. SSM focuses specifically on Scrum within SAFe environments. If you’re interested in scaling Scrum you’ll benefit from SAFe® Scrum Master certification. 

The SAFe® Scrum Master (SSM) can’t be labeled as universally easy or hard. However, the exam covers in-depth content in 2-days of the SSM course. The exam is challenging as it will need you to study through the course materials and have an understanding of Scrum fundamentals. Taking practice tests to identify knowledge gaps can help prepare for the types of questions asked.


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