Agility in Human Resources (ICP-AHR) Certification Training Singapore

The Agility in Human Resources (ICP-AHR) training Singapore is focused primarily on the mindset and role of a Human Resources Partner, People Manager and Senior Leadership Team in an organization looking to introduce Agility in talent management.

Course Description

This training is focused primarily on the mindset and role of a Human Resources Partner, People Manager and Senior Leadership Team in an organization looking to introduce Agility in talent management. It is also for the coaches for Human Resources Teams. Participants will take away purpose, motivation, and techniques to use with HR Teams and Leadership. We focus on growing Agility to bridge the cultural divide that can come about in organizations in restructuring both their culture and their physical structure to accommodate success.

About Agilemania

Agilemania is a reputed name in agile coaching, consulting, and training in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries in the Asia Pacific. Our public mentoring program for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Agile coaches is well accepted and recommended by industry professionals. We are also known for our coach-the-coach programs within corporates adopting an agile way of working. We have been delivering live virtual classes for long and have started all certification training through live virtual mode. We have been rated 4.9 out of 5 at Trustpilot.

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  • 99.99% assurance to meet your expectations based on 4.9/5 rating for our online agile & Scrum training. Get full refund if you happen to be in .01%
  • Lifetime access to our contents in the form of regular videos, blogs, tutorials, and webinars
  • Comprehensive support to kickstart your career in a selected role to support agility in your organization
  • 1:1 coaching with our coaches after training on a need basis

Our Coaches

We believe that the coach trainer and not the certification is what makes the difference. Teaching is an essential skill for agile coaches, and our coaches demonstrate the same while teaching. To live our values and do not engage 3rd party or outside trainers just to do business. Teaching is a way to communicate the values that we bring to an organization. We are a group of 6 coaches, and all have unique skills and have shared vision and goals. You can read more about them on our website.

Naveen Kumar Singh
Principle Consultant

Naveen Kumar Singh is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) from, LeSS-Friendly Scrum Trainer (LFST) from LeSS Read More...

Preeth Pandalya
Principle Consultant

An executive turned transformation consultant with 21+ years of learning, Preeth trains and coaches organizations Read More...

Sumeet Madan
Principle Consultant

Sumeet Madan is a Pragmatic Change Agent in the Agile Transformations He carries 16 years of rich experience Read More...

Course Objective

When exploring the challenges organizations face around talent, we came up with the following as things we hope the track will be able to help address:

  • Attracting, hiring, and retaining the right people.
  • Identifying skill gaps and enabling growth at the individual & team level.
  • People needing to take responsibility for their growth and development.
  • Keeping people’s skills relevant to the changing business environment.
  • Handling people who are not “team players” in a collaborative culture.
  • Moving from individual performance mindset to team performance.
  • Moving from distributed to co-located & vice versa, virtual and distributed.
  • Business objective focused teams that are driven by KPI’s/Measures/OKR’s.
  • Agility in mindset rather than in practices.
  • Moving from job-ladder to career-mosaic (portfolio careers).
  • What is an agile career path?.
  • The changing role of HR in agile businesses.
  • Succession planning in agile working.
  • Which HR practices become redundant in an agile organization.
  • Dealing with top management - what is their role, what is different for them.
  • Lack of using scientifically proven approaches to motivate and empower people.
  • Aligning people performance measures with organization OKR/KPI/Goals.
  • Recruiting is hard - lots of competition in the market.
  • Enabling self-organization and designing organizational structures that support effective teamwork.
  • Creating and nurturing an environment of psychological safety.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Organization HR
  • Business partner/ workforce management – helping managers manage people
  • People development
  • “Resource” management (risk/legal)
  • Remuneration – incentives, rewards
  • Recruitment
  • People performance & goal setting
  • People engagement & motivation
  • Organization Development consultants
  • Transformation leads – someone designated to explore the people & structural aspects of an agile transformation
  • Managers
  • Line managers
  • Hiring managers
  • Resource pool “owners.”
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Course Topics

Understanding Current Structures and Their Impact Designing Teams and Teams of Teams Aligning and Optimizing for Flow of Value Supporting Development of Agile Leaders Redefining Roles & Expectations Enabling Skill Development & Growth Embedding Agile/Lean Mindset and Core Values within Role Definition The Shortcomings of Traditional Career Paths Modern Value-Based Journey Maps (Career Mosaic).

Learning Fast and Tolerating Failure Individual Performance Support Team Goals and Performance Support System-Oriented Performance Assessment Enable Continuous Feedback Ownership-Driven Culture Culture-Driven by Intrinsic Motivation Uncover Motivators and Demotivators Nurture an Environment of Self-Motivation Flexible Incentives Alternative Methods of Grouping/Categorization as a Step Towards Doing Away with Ranking Systems Fair and Meaningful Pay.

Innovative Sourcing Power of the Practical Interview Candidate Experience Second Impressions Culture on Day 1 Enablement.
Growth Mindset as an Enabler of Learning Cultures Learner-Centred and Learner-Driven; Making Time to Learn Industry, Peer and Team-Based Learning Adaptive Learning.
Enabling Agility Throughout the Organization Coaching the People Aspects of the Organization Applying Agile Mindset and Practices to HR Initiatives and Operations Providing the Balance Between Culture and Structure Supporting Transformation From a Mindset Perspective Creating a Safe Environment Shifting to People Enablement
Supporting Transformation From a Mindset Perspective.


There are no hard pre-requisites for attending this workshop; however, a basic understanding of Agile and some experience on an agile team could be useful. It is advisable to go through the Scrum Guide available for free at before attending this training.

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Agilemania offers a 2-day Agility in Human Resources (ICP-AHR) training to build Agile Coach knowledge, leading to your ICP- Agility in Human Resource (ICP-AHR) certification. Download the brochure and check the different focus areas that are covered within these two days of training.

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What Participants Have to Say About Our Trainer

Greate Experience
It was great learning from Preeth and Naveen, the instructors for ICAgile ICP-ACC.
Andrei Gavrila

Greate Experience
One of my best experiences in a virtual classroom. So much fun and learning with Piyush Rahate.
Shreya Dey

Greate Experience
Thank you Preeth. A very professionally conducted and interactive class you facilitated.
Sadik Algul

Certification Assessments

  • This training is certified by International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile), a certification and accreditation body.
  • Upon completing the course and submission and approval of your course assignment, you will receive (knowledge) certification in ICP- Agility in Human Resource (ICP-AHR).
  • Get trained for 100% success
  • Join Our Dynamic Community
  • Training from seasoned Agile coaches
  • Post-workshop support by the coaches

Certification Assessments

ICP-AHR Training and Certification FAQ’s

This fast-track course is designed to bring HR professionals and the leadership team up-to-speed with the essential knowledge and frameworks required to contribute to agile transformations at the enterprise level confidently. This course goes way beyond basics and immerses participants in the theory that underpins agile organizations.

Undertaking the Agility in Human Resources (ICP-AHR) training and earning certification establishes exciting new opportunities for a professional. You can get a chance to work with the top organizations worldwide, such as PepsiCo, Nissan Motors, Accenture, Wipro, and the list goes on.

The target audience for this certification includes people working within HR organizations in companies transforming to more Agile ways of working. Their current responsibilities may include aspects such as people development, recruitment, performance management, compensation and employee engagement/motivation. Organizational development consultants, hiring managers and Agile transformation leads exploring the people and structural aspects of transformations will also find this curriculum compelling.

After successful completion of the ICP-AHR course, an Agile coach will be able to:

  • Attracting, hiring, and retaining the right people
  • Identifying skill gaps and enabling growth at the individual & team level
  • People needing to take responsibility for their growth and development
  • Keeping people’s skills relevant to the changing business environment
  • Handling people who are not “team players” in a collaborative culture
  • Moving from individual performance mindset to team performance
  • Moving from distributed to co-located & vice versa, virtual and distributed
  • Business objective focused teams that are driven by KPI’s/Measures/OKR’s 
  • Agility in mindset rather than in practices
Successful completion of this course results in the ICAgile – Agility in Human Resources (ICP-AHR) certification designation from the internationally recognized ICAgile certification body.
You will receive 16 PDUs and 24 SEUs on the successful completion of this workshop.

Cancellation requests received within 24 hours of registration would be offered a full refund (minus payment gateway charges), please reach out to our support team through drop a refund request to Visit our page for more details about Cancellation & Refund Policy.

The process of enrolling for this classroom training is simple. The payment can be made through different options by using a debit/credit card which includes MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express or PayPal. Acknowledgement will be issued automatically via email to the candidates once payment is done.

Just write to us at, and we will answer any queries you have.

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