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Course Description

This training primarily focuses on the mindset and role of Human Resources Partners, People Managers, and Senior Leadership Teams in organizations looking to introduce agility in talent management. It is also designed for coaches of Human Resources teams. Participants will take away purpose, motivation, and techniques to use with HR teams and leadership. We focus on growing agility to bridge the cultural divide that can arise in organizations restructuring both their culture and physical structure to accommodate success.

Attracting, hiring, and retaining the right people.
Agility in mindset rather than in practices.
What is an agile career path?
Moving from job-ladder to career-mosaic (portfolio careers).

Course Objectives

  • Identifying skill gaps and enabling growth at the individual & team level.
  • People needing to take responsibility for their growth and development.
  • Keeping people’s skills relevant to the changing business environment.
  • Handling people who are not “team players” in a collaborative culture.
  • Moving from individual performance mindset to team performance.
  • Moving from distributed to co-located & vice versa, virtual and distributed.
  • Business objective focused teams that are driven by KPI’s/Measures/OKR’s.
  • The changing role of HR in agile businesses.
  • Succession planning in agile working.
  • Which HR practices become redundant in an agile organization.
  • Dealing with top management - what is their role, what is different for them.
  • Lack of using scientifically proven approaches to motivate and empower people.
  • Aligning people performance measures with organization OKR/KPI/Goals.
  • Recruiting is hard - lots of competition in the market.
  • Enabling self-organization and designing organizational structures that support effective teamwork.
  • Creating and nurturing an environment of psychological safety.

Who Should Attend?

  • Organization HR professionals
  • Business partners and workforce management specialists assisting managers in people management
  • People development professionals
  • Resource management experts (risk/legal)
  • Remuneration and incentives specialists
  • Recruitment professionals
  • People performance and goal-setting experts
  • People engagement and motivation leaders
  • Organization development consultants
  • Transformation leads
  • Individuals designated to explore the people and structural aspects of an agile transformation
  • Managers
  • Line managers
  • Hiring managers
  • Resource pool owners

Course Topics

Participants will learn how to adapt to new ways of working by understanding the limitations of traditional organizational structures and exploring alternatives that enhance agility. They will gain insights into designing effective cross-functional teams, aligning them with value streams, and supporting agile leadership. The course will cover redefining roles and expectations, addressing skill gaps, and embedding an Agile/Lean mindset to ensure sustainable transformation and growth. Through practical examples and strategies, participants will be equipped to drive organizational agility and deliver value efficiently.

Participants will learn to foster a culture that supports rapid learning and failure tolerance, focusing on continual feedback and collective goals rather than individual evaluations. They will explore complex adaptive systems, feedback mechanisms, intrinsic motivation, and flexible incentives, ultimately promoting a trust culture and an ownership-driven mindset. Additionally, they will understand systems thinking, the Theory of Constraints, and alternative performance assessment methods that align with Agile values. This comprehensive approach encourages self-motivation, meaningful pay structures, and the shift away from rigid ranking systems.

Learners will gain insights into creative and diverse recruitment strategies, effective interviewing techniques to reduce false positives, and methods to enhance candidate experiences. They will also learn the importance of a well-structured onboarding process that reinforces company culture and values, promoting agility and productivity.

In a rapidly changing technological landscape, fostering a continuous learning culture is vital for individual and organizational growth. Embracing a growth mindset enables a learning culture where continuous improvement is prioritized, and failure is viewed as a learning opportunity. Transitioning to a learner-centered and learner-driven approach, rather than manager-driven, is crucial for business agility. Leadership must ensure employees have dedicated time for learning, incorporating flexibility into their schedules. Utilizing industry, peer, and team-based learning, as well as adaptive learning modalities, supports diverse learning preferences and provides timely, relevant training. Ultimately, these strategies cultivate a dynamic and resilient workforce.

By applying Agile practices to HR, individuals will learn how to enable organizational agility through supportive principles, practices, and guidelines; coach teams on motivation and conflict resolution; adopt Agile methods within HR; balance culture and structure; facilitate transformational change; create a psychologically safe environment; and shift from transactional HR to people enablement, integrating HR into cross-functional teams for enhanced flexibility and collaboration.

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Agilemania offers the ICP-AHR training, aimed at building Agility in Human Resource knowledge, which leads to your ICP-AHR certification. Download the brochure and check the various focus areas covered as part of the training.

Certification Assessments

  • This training is certified by International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile), a certification and accreditation body.
  • Upon completing the course and submission and approval of your course assignment, you will receive (knowledge) certification in ICP- Agility in Human Resource (ICP-AHR).


This fast-track course is designed to bring HR professionals and the leadership team up-to-speed with the essential knowledge and frameworks required to contribute to agile transformations at the enterprise level confidently. This course goes way beyond basics and immerses participants in the theory that underpins agile organizations.

Undertaking the Agility in Human Resources (ICP-AHR) training and earning certification establishes exciting new opportunities for a professional. You can get a chance to work with the top organizations worldwide, such as PepsiCo, Nissan Motors, Accenture, Wipro, and the list goes on.

As such, there are no eligibility criteria for this course, but foundational knowledge of agile principles, values, and mindset is recommended. Related experience in HR or people management is also recommended.

After successful completion of the ICP-AHR course, an Agile coach will be able to:
  • Attracting, hiring, and retaining the right people
  • Identifying skill gaps and enabling growth at the individual & team level
  • People needing to take responsibility for their growth and development
  • Keeping people’s skills relevant to the changing business environment
  • Handling people who are not “team players” in a collaborative culture
  • Moving from individual performance mindset to team performance
  • Moving from distributed to co-located & vice versa, virtual and distributed
  • Business objective focused teams that are driven by KPI’s/Measures/OKR’s
  • Agility in mindset rather than in practices

Successful completion of this course results in the ICAgile – Agility in Human Resources (ICP-AHR) certification designation from the internationally recognized ICAgile certification body.

You will receive 16 PDUs and 24 SEUs on the successful completion of this workshop.

Cancellation requests received within 24 hours of registration would be offered a full refund (minus payment gateway charges), please reach out to our support team through drop a refund request to connect@agilemania.com. Visit our page for more details about Cancellation & Refund Policy.

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Agility in Human Resources (ICP-AHR) Certification

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