Revisiting the Manifesto - Unveiling the Roadblocks to True Agility

  • 23 Apr, 2024

  • 11:30 AM


23 YEARS. The Agile Manifesto. A revolution in software development. Yet, many organizations still find themselves tripping over roadblocks, struggling to unlock the transformative promise of agility. Join us in this webinar exploring the reality of agility in 2024.


Reflect on the Agile journey so far—celebrating successes, acknowledging challenges, and recognizing areas for improvement. * Identify the common hurdles that organizations still grapple with despite years of Agile adoption. What's preventing the realization of Agile's full potential? * Examine the Agile Manifesto principles in the context of today's challenges. * Discuss practical strategies and approaches to overcome roadblocks, revitalize Agile transformations, and ensure sustained value delivery.

Who Should Join?

You're an agile leader facing ongoing challenges. * You're curious about the evolution of agile in today's business world. * You're seeking practical guidance to break through roadblocks and unlock lasting value.

About Speaker:

I am a pragmatic agile coach with 25+ years of learning, and I train, consult, and coach organizations to be agile and, more importantly, stay agile. My background uniquely positions me to collaborate effectively with the two indispensable pillars of organizational success: ⁃ The business-focused leadership and product team who understand the economics of product development ⁃ The contributors from the trenches - the development team who understands the science of product development

Preeth Pandalay

Partner Consultant - PST & Agile Coach

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