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Course Description

The Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) with Nexus course is an interactive workshop where participants engage in activities to acquire skills that can be utilized to address obstacles encountered when implementing Scrum at scale.

During this two-day class*, students collaborate in a Nexus to simulate and coordinate a scaled product development project. Throughout the course, real-life scenarios are presented to highlight typical challenges in scaling, and over fifty practices for overcoming these challenges are shared.

These practices draw upon existing knowledge of Scrum and Nexus and complementary techniques that have proven successful in assisting clients with scaling Scrum, as discovered by members of the Scrum.org Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) community.

By the end of the course, students will have gained the knowledge and ability to initiate, structure, organize, and manage large Agile projects using Scrum. They will also possess a toolbox of techniques to identify and overcome common challenges when scaling Scrum.

Scaled Scrum is still Scrum
Managing the Nexus & Nexus+
Introduction to the Nexus Framework
New role, artifacts, and events

Course Objectives

  • Identify typical challenges in scaling, and learn principles and techniques for overcoming them
  • Understand how to find the scale that works best for your organization and processes, including when to reduce or “de-scale”
  • Experience the negative impact of cross-team dependencies on value delivery at scale
  • Learn how to identify, visualize, minimize, and remove dependencies through cross-team refinement
  • Learn how the Nexus framework extends and reinforces the fundamental principles of Scrum to enable value delivery at scale
  • Experience the Nexus framework in action - including the events, accountabilities, and artifacts
  • Experience techniques for organizing teams, organizing the work, and running a Nexus
  • Learn how to deliver value across the whole Nexus instead of optimizing the work of the individual teams

Who Should Attend?

This course is appropriate for experienced Scrum professionals interested in learning how multiple Scrum. Teams can work together to deliver a single product. It is ideal for:

  • Scrum Masters with solid experience in their role that is interested in helping their organizations scale from one Scrum Team working on a product to several Scrum Teams working on a product.
  • Scrum Team members (Developers and Product Owners) who want to understand how to scale with Nexus or who are joining an organization using Nexus
  • Agile Coaches with solid experience with Scrum that are looking to learn how to use the Nexus framework Department managers seeking to understand the difficulties their team experiences when working together

This course is not suitable for professionals with little Scrum knowledge or experience.

Course Topics

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During this two-day class, students collaborate in a Nexus to simulate and coordinate a scaled product development project. Throughout the course, real-life scenarios are presented to highlight typical challenges in scaling, and over fifty practices for overcoming these challenges are shared.

Certification Assessments

Upon successfully completing the Scaled Professional Scrum course, every participant will be given a password to take the Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) assessment. Participants who take the SPS assessment within 14 days of receiving their password and do not achieve a score of at least 85% will be given a second attempt at no extra charge.

The SPS certification, widely recognized in the industry, requires a minimum passing score of 85% and demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the Nexus Framework, knowledge acquired from the course, and familiarity with Scrum principles.


Attending the Professional Scrum Master and Product Owner course can provide several benefits to you as an individual:
1. Enhanced Knowledge and Skills
2. Improved Career Opportunities
3. Increased Effectiveness in Your Role
4. Enhanced Team Collaboration
5. Confidence in Decision-Making
6. International Recognition
7. Networking and Community Engagement

There are several reasons why you should consider the Professional Scrum Facilitation course offered by Agilemania:

1. Expert Trainers: Agilemania boasts experienced and highly knowledgeable trainers with extensive practical experience in Agile and Scrum methodologies.
2. Comprehensive Curriculum: The course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the roles and responsibilities of Scrum Master
3. Interactive and Engaging Learning Approach: Agilemania follows an interactive and engaging learning approach that encourages active participation and collaboration.
4. Practical Application Focus: The course emphasizes applying Agile and Scrum concepts practically.
5. Supportive Learning Environment: Agilemania fosters a supportive learning environment where participants can ask questions, seek clarification, and receive guidance from the trainers.
6. Certification Preparation: The course prepares participants for internationally recognized certifications such as Scaled Professional Scrum with Nexus.
7. Ongoing Support: Agilemania believes in providing ongoing support even after the course completion.

By choosing Agilemania's Scaled Professional Scrum with Nexus, you can expect high-quality training, practical knowledge, and the necessary skills to excel in your Agile journey.

To be a Scaled Professional Scrum with Nexus, you must complete the certification course post-that and pass the Scaled Professional Scrum with Nexus Certification examination.

Scaled Professional Scrum with Nexus Course certification is now available at highly competitive rates from various institutions. It makes it accessible and affordable for individuals seeking to become Scaled Professional Scrum with Nexus.
While the cost is no longer a significant concern, it is essential to emphasize that passing the Scaled Professional Scrum with Nexus certification still requires patience and a careful thought process. These qualities are equally crucial in successfully navigating the certification process.
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