The Enterprise Coaching for Agility is an emerging field as Agile implementations have expanded beyond the individual team level to consider all manner of organizational challenges. Enterprise Coaching consists of a set of skills which enable practitioners to catalyse the adaptation and transformation of organizational agility in alignment with the organization’s vision, goals and needs in today’s UVCA world.

The Enterprise Coaching for Agility is an advanced form of Agile Coaching that works at an enterprise level. It is built upon the discipline of team coaching and facilitation and draws upon the disciplines of management consulting and Organizational Development (OD).

Enterprise Agile Coaching includes (to name a few):

  • Working with organizational structures and culture
  • Developing leaders
  • Building a strong team culture
  • Growing technical practices
  • Change Management
  • Complex adaptive systems
  • Leadership Agility

As seen above, it is a diverse scope, the Enterprise Coaching for Agility  is not a role per se, but rather a set of skills and competencies that an individual can obtain and leverage in guiding organizations to become more (As defined by ICAgile)

Like management consulting or organizational development, people in these fields will not be experts across the entire domain, but rather broadly informed with some specialities, to act as catalysts in guiding change.

The Enterprise Agile Coaching is a discipline with a great awareness of:

  • Business
  • Technical 
  • Transformational agility

It requires a deep competence in one or more knowledge areas like:

  • Organizational Development
  • Culture
  • Change Management
  • Technical & enterprise practices
  • Leadership Development.

Finally, not to forget the skills such as:

  • Teaching
  • Mentoring / Advising
  • Professional coaching
  • Facilitating


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Jerry is one of the top 5 in the Agile community to have achieved the dual credential of Professional Coach (PCC) & Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC). A software technologist and an SME in Agile Software Development with 18+ years of experience, Jerry is passionate about building hyper-productive teams which helps organizations in their quest for Agility and Digital Transformation in today’s VUCA world.