Product Owner is a person who owns the Product and is accountable for its success. Product Owner is often a misunderstood role in the market. Product Owner usually doesn’t have ownership with the Product that they are working on, and they aren’t empowered to make the decisions regarding the Product. They are mostly focused on writing the requirements of the Product that are dictated by them the stakeholder(s). These types of Product Owners are popularly known as the Business Analyst.

Scrum Product Owner is a Role in Scrum and carries the accountability for maximizing the value of the Product / Success of the Product / ROI of the Product by

  • Clearly expressing Product Backlog items.
  • Ordering the items in the Product Backlog to best achieve goals and missions
  • Optimizing the value of the work the Development Team performs
  • Ensuring that the Product Backlog is visible, transparent, and clear to all, and shows what the Scrum Team will work on next and
  • Ensuring the Development Team understands items in the Product Backlog to the level needed.

A person who carries the accountability of the success of the Product must be a skilled person and the:

Skills required for a Scrum Product Owner are

  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Subject Matter Expertise

Responsibilities of a Product Owner

  • Creating and owning the Product Vision
  • Managing the Product Backlog
  • Defining the Sprint Objective
  • Manage budget, scope, releases, and stakeholders of the Product
  • Review the work done by the development team
  • Being available to the development team
  • Effective communication to the stakeholders of the Product
  • Collaborating with the development team for the Product Backlog Refinement
  • Measuring the value of the Product (maybe using EBM)
  • Product roadmap
  • Product marketing and sales
  • Product operations

Product Owner may choose to delegate his/her responsibilities to operations, finance, marketing sales, or development teams but are still held accountable for their actions and overall success product.

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