Beyond Agile - What's Next?

  • 18 Jan, 2024

  • 01:30 PM (MYT)

Agile's everywhere now. So what does it mean to live in a post-Agile world? What's next? This talk is about what happens when everyone's Agile, and how to stand out.

What You Learned:

What a world where everybody says they are Agile means for you.
The difference between doing Agile okay and doing it great.
Tips on making Agile work better for you.

Who Should Join:

For people using Agile and wondering what's next. Great for people unhappy with the state of Agility in their organization and who that lost faith that Agile can be a solution.

About Me:

I've been in tech and Agile for 16+ years, leading teams and making things better and simpler at work. I've managed multi-million dollar budgets and I've helped big teams get good at what they do. 

Andrei Gavrila


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