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Are you exploring the role of a scrum master to start a new journey in an agile way of working?


Are you exploring the role of a scrum master to start a new journey in an agile way of working?

Are you looking for what to learn and where to begin your scrum mastery?

Are you thinking of strengthening your scrum mastery skills?

Are you struggling to visualize what next after PSM or CSM certification?

If your answer is YES for any of these questions, then you are at the right place to explore the available options for a scrum master. Look at the learning path for a scrum master and decide what is supposed to be your next move to stay relevant in the innovative digital world.

  • PSM I
    Learn Scrum Framework and the role of Scrum Master in Scrum
  • PSM II
    Explore services that a Scrum Master provides to the scrum team, product owner, and the organization
    Scrum Masters are agile coaches and need agile coaching skills to serve better tho their stakeholders
  • Leading SAFe
    Scaled agile framework became the most preferred way to scale beyond single team Scrum while working on the value stream.
  • LeSS Basics
    Learn building blocks of Large-Scale Scrum while developing a product using multi-team Scrum.
  • Product Owner
    Explore product owner role, product ownership, and accountability to coach a product owner to support optimizing the team's value of work.
  • Scrum With Kanban
    Kanban is a tool to enable transparency in a complex system to visualize the flow of work to optimize the process
  • Agile Leadership
    Leading agile teams is entirely different from the old days of command and control behaviour. Scrum Masters are leaders in the agile way of working.

Have you figured out where you stand in this journey to be a great scrum master?

Let us know about your next move to guide you through customized and cost-effective ways
to help build the skills needed most to stay relevant in this agile world.

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