Earn Money With Our “Refer a Friend” Incentive Program

Refer your friends to Agilemania. Do you want to share with friends and family who wants to improve their skills with our interactive training? If so, earn money for you and them today with our “Refer a Friend” incentive.

How It Works

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    Sign up for the Agilemania Refer and Earn program. You can refer your friends by entering their email addresses one at a time or by sharing your referral links via social media.

    You get referral credit for every friend who signs up through your referral. Please note the referral reward is only valid for the first transaction of friends/connections (referees) who are new to Agilemania and make the required minimum purchase within 30 days of your referral. You will be eligible to receive the gift cards once the referee’s money back guarantee expires.

    We track your referrals by cookie and/or through email. Once your referee is validated to be new and makes the requisite purchase, and after the referee’s money back guarantee expires, you will be eligible to receive the gift cards. You should receive the gift cards/vouchers within 30 days of your eligibility via email.

    Yes. You’ll need to create a Agilemania account if you don’t already have one. Then, log in to the Agilemania website and visit the Refer and Earn page. Use the “View status of my referrals” feature to track the status of your referrals.

    No, you can either enter their email addresses or they can visit Agilemania through your referral link and complete the purchase. You will be eligible to receive referral credit irrespective of the coupon code they use.

    No, you are eligible for referral credit only on the first transactions of friends/connections who have not interacted with Simplilearn’s systems before and whose details do not exist in the databases of Agilemania. Agilemania shall solely determine if a referred person is new and eligible.

    No, everyone is eligible to be part of Agilemania’s Refer and Earn program. Terms and conditions apply.