1. Who creates the Definition of Done? (Choose 1)
2. Market changes and its impact on the Product Backlog can be discussed during the Sprint Review?
3. During the Sprint Review Scrum Team must demonstrate the work completed in the previous sprint?
4. The Developers in Scrum Team are accountable for (Choose 2)
5. Scrum Master is accountable for (Choose 1)
6. The Sprint ends when: (Choose 1)
7. During Sprint retrospective, the Scrum team discuss (Choose 1)
8. The Scrum is: (Choose 3)
9. Developers best structured themselves in order to create an integrated DONE increment by (Choose 1)
10. What is the immediate impact of adding more members to the developers or adding more Scrum teams to the Product? (Choose 1)
11. The Sprint may include (Choose 1)
12. Who are the participants of Sprint planning event? (Choose 1)
13. Who is responsible for tracking the progress of product level goals? (Choose 1)
14. When a Product Owner or Scrum Master participate in Daily Scrum? (Choose 1)
15. Following are the timebox events in Scrum (Select 3)
16. Who in Scrum team can Cancel a Sprint abnormally? (Choose 1)
17. Product Backlog management include? (Select 3)
18. When Scrum teams inspect and adapt artifacts and progress towards a Sprint Goal (Choose 1)
19. The increment can be described as: (Choose 1)
20. The Daily Scrum is timeboxed to: (Choose 1)
21. Scrum has a role The Project Manager
22. Who in Scrum Team is responsible for expressing the Product Backlog Items? (Choose 1)
23. Who in Scrum Team is responsible for writing the Product Backlog Items (User Stories)? (Choose 1)
24. Which statement is true about Product Backlog? (Choose 2)
25. Tracking the work in sprint is the responsibility of? (Choose 1)
26. What does it mean to say that an event has a timebox? (Choose 1)
27. The recommended size of the Scrum Team is: (Choose 1)
28. Who in Scrum team can abnormally terminate the Sprint? (Choose 1)
29. The purpose of each sprint is: (Choose 2)
30. Multiple teams who are working on the same Product must have the same cadences?
31. The Definition of Done is inspected and adapted during? (Choose 1)
32. Sprint length can be extended temporarily to accommodate the ad Hoch requests or the undone work?
33. The time-boxed events in scrum are: (Choose 4)
34. What gets covered during the Sprint Planning? (Choose 1)
35. What all can be included in the Sprint backlog? (Choose what applies)
36. Which following statements are true?
37. Due to non-availability of a few of Scrum team members, the Sprint Retrospective can be conducted in the next sprint?
38. The increment of the Sprint must be released to the Production by end of each sprint?
39. Who owns the Sprint backlog and takes the call to update it? (Choose 1)
40. The Sprint review is: (Choose 1)
41. Developers in support with Scrum Master can take a call to cancel the Sprint?
42. Only Product Owner can take the decision to cancel a Sprint
43. What NOT to discuss in the Sprint Retrospective? (Choose 2)
44. In what scenarios a Product Owner can abnormally terminate the Sprint? (Choose 1)
45. The time-box for the Sprint Planning meeting is? (Choose 1)
46. What are the Scrum values? (Choose 3)
47. The acceptance criteria and Definition of DONE are both same?
48. What is the immediate impact on the productivity of a Scrum team by adding more members to it? (Choose1)
49. The Scrum Master ______ (Choose 2)
50. Who creates the Definition of Done? (Choose 1)
51. The Product backlog may include (Choose 1)
52. The Sprint backlog may include (Choose 1)
53. The adaptation for the Sprint planning is (Choose 1)
54. How much time is required after a Sprint to prepare for the next Sprint? (Choose 1)
55. Product Owner is (Choose 2)
56. What is the best suited structure for Development Teams in order to produce integrated Increments? (Choose 1)
57. Daily Scrum is started by (Choose 1)