1. Product Backlog maximizes the transparency by:
2. What are advantages of a Product Owner with a solid product vision? (Choose 3 answers):
3. Product Backlog is - (Choose 3 answers):
4. What action Scrum team takes with the high priority process improvements during the Sprint Retrospective?
5. Which stakeholders of the Product a Product Owner must satisfy?
6. Does Product Owner have the final say over the Definition of DONE?
7. The Product Owner make sure the team select enough from the product backlog for a Sprint do satisfy the stakeholders:
8. What makes Product Owner care about the Developers adhering to the definition of Done? (Choose 2 answers):
9. One of the Scrum events is the Daily Scrum. What are two intended outcomes of the Daily Scrum? (Choose 2 answers):
10. What is the impact of unclear Product Backlog at the Sprint Planning?
11. What is the impact of reducing the Daily Scrum every day, and instead doing it on alternate days? (Choose 3 answers):
12. A senior executive asks the developers to add a "very important" item to a Sprint which is in progress. What should the developers do? (Choose 1 answer):
13. Product Owner determines how many Product Backlog Items the Developers must select for the Sprint?
14. Which two activities will a Product Owner engage in during the Sprint? (Choose 2 answers):
15. Which metrics may help a Product Owner establishes the value being delivered? (Choose 2 answers):
16. Scrum Teams creates the Sprint goal during the Sprint planning, what is the role of Product Owner is crafting the Sprint goal?
17. All the work the developer does must originate from the Product Backlog?
18. When a many Scrum Teams work on a Product then what defines the Definition of DONE?
19. Product Owner’s job is - (Choose 2 answers):
20. You are a Scrum Master in an Organization, what technique would you use in accordance to the Scrum to divide the 100 people to the development teams?
21. A Scrum Team has been working on a product for over 10 Sprints. Product gets a new Product Owner he understands that he is accountable for Product Backlog. However, he is unsure about the purpose of the Product Backlog. He read the Product Backlog is the inventory of all that is needed for the product. Are all of the following types of requirements acceptable on a Product Backlog?
  • Infra and Stability requirements
  • Load and Performance requirements
  • Product Functionality needed for the users
  • Defects and Fixes
Choose 1 answer:
22. During the first Sprint what two things the Developers do? (Choose 2 answers):
23. When during the Product Development the Product Owner updates the Project plan?
24. The use of the Cone of Uncertainty is?
25. As a Product Owner, who from the following can be consulted when considering the value of the Product? (Choose all that apply):
26. The Product Backlog is ordered by - (Choose 1 answer):
27. The Product owner must use - (Choose all that apply):
28. Product Owner focus on to ensure his/her Product delivers value, what three things he/she should focus on? (Choose 3 answers):
29. The Sprint Goal is a result of Sprint Planning, as is the Sprint Backlog - (Choose 1 answer):
30. The Product Owner makes sure the right stakeholders are invited to the Sprint Retrospective. They might have important instructions for team improvements - (Choose 1 answer):
31. What are the ways for the Scrum team to deal with the Non-functional requirements?
32. Multiple Scrum Teams working on the same project must have the same Sprint start date - (Choose 1 answer):
33. Which Scrum Values are exhibited by not building Product Backlog items that have low business value? (Choose 3 answers):
34. Multiple Scrum Teams working on the same product or system must have their own Product Backlog:
35. The success of the Product is measured by? (Choose 3 answers):
36. In the middle of the Sprint, the customer decides that there are 2 new features she wants. The Product Owner could - (Choose 2 answers):
37. The Product Owner decides on the number of PBIs the developers must select for the Sprint?
38. The cross-functional teams are the one who works on a component of a layer of the Product?
39. What indicates that a Product Owner might need to work more with the Scum Team?
40. What Scrum Team does with the undone work of the Sprint? (Choose 2 answers):