This group is run and managed by agile 30 group members. Agile30 is a group of learners from the agile product development field bound by a common goal to share and learn about agile and related practices. Core members of the group are aspiring to become a good agile coach and trainers. Agile 30 is a Scrum Alliance user group, run and managed by Agilemania. You can read more about Agilemania here.

We run meetup regularly in Singapore, Bangkok, Malaysia and India to learn and share knowledge about Agile, Scrum, XP, Kanban, DevOps and Scaling Agile Frameworks. We do discuss and share opportunities related to Agile Coaching and Training within the group. Objective is to help participants shape their career in the field of Organizational Agility and Agile Software Development. Meetup is the primary home for “agile 30” candidates but we also run Webinars every month. Our meetup is FREE and FREE from promotional activities. We do charge sometime for venue if we don’t get it FREE so please let’s know if you can help in getting venue.

Join meetup if you like our objective. We welcome you not just as a participant but also as speaker / facilitator.







New Delhi



Meetup In Your Organization

We believe in learning while working for which we bring quality workshops in the form of 2 -3 hours meetup to your workplace as part of social learning. Quality is our utmost priority and hence Agile 30 provides you with qualified speaker/facilitator on the chosen topic.

We have some basic rules to run such workshops

  • One workshop per quarter for an organization
  • Allow a few external participants (not more than 10)
  • One speaker/facilitator from Agile 30 and one from the organizing company
  • Finalize agenda at least 15 days in advance to arrange qualified Speaker/Facilitator

Contact us if you need further assistance!