Digital Product Owner+

Digital Product Owner+ is a mentoring program to Hone your skills in managing digital products. It is designed based on our coaches’ experience and market needs. It will have 15 sessions, each for 2 hours, and you will get a participation certificate after completing ten sessions.


Digital Product Owner+

Product development is just one part of product management, and we use Scrum to develop a product. Product Owner is a role mostly played by a product manager while creating a digital product. There is a lot to do for a digital product owner beyond the Scrum framework, which focuses on iterative and incremental product development. There are many more things to learn to be a digital product owner, including UX, Prototyping, Hypothesis Validation, Product Pricing, Stakeholders Management, Release Management, and many more.

Our coaches touch on many of these topics during Professional Scrum Product Owner and Professional Scrum Product Owner – Advanced training. Still, we all agree 2-days training is not enough to learn at the level we need to do this job. Digital Product Owner+ mentoring program is to sharpen your skills to take up a product owner or product manager role in digital transformation.

Program Outline of Digital Product Owner+

The Digital Product Owner+ Mentoring Program will run for 15 weeks and have 2 hours of session every week. The session will start at 7 PM India time and will take place every Tuesday. Below is a high-level objective for this program.

  • Product Management vs. Product Development
  • Market Research, User Research, and Competitor Analysis
  • Validation of Hypothesis with Lean Startup and MVP
  • Product Visioning and setting up a Product Goal
  • Developing Product Roadmap with Impact Mapping
  • Role of Lean UX in Digital Product and User Experience Mapping
  • Reaching out to the customer with Persona and Empathy Mapping
  • Visualization of a product with the help of Customer Journey Map
  • Value Stream Mapping to manage an agile product delivery
  • Prioritization of work with User Story and Story Mapping
  • Ordering product Backlog based on Size, Value, and Risk
  • Release Management & Planning in collaboration with Stakeholders
  • Role of a Product Owner in Scaling framework such as SAFe and LeSS

The ideal candidate for Digital Product Owner+

Anyone can join to learn and improve skills around the above learning objective. However, it is more suitable for below people.

  • You have recently acquired a Certified Scrum Product Owner or Professional Scrum Product Owner badge and struggled to start your journey as a Product Owner.
  • You have started as a Scrum Product Owner but struggling with old behavior demonstrated by you and your team.
  • You are a Business Analyst or Quality Analyst and looking to move into the Product Owner Role.

Invest on yourself

I am a firm believer in free education and conduct multiple free workshops every month. I wanted to keep this open, but it is about your commitment and my commitment to this program. You should be paying as little as INR 1500 or USD 25 per session. To receive a completion certificate, you require to attend a minimum of ten sessions.


Registration is now open for the 1st Batch Till Limited Seats Available.


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