Coach the Coach

This is a 6 months program to build internal coaching capabilities for organizations going through digital and business transformation by adopting agile way of working. Agility is a need for every organization in today’s VUCA world and Scrum, Dojo & Design Thinking kind of frameworks needed to test product hypothesis. Our “Coaching Agile Coaches” program focuses on building competent Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and Agile Leaders to build digital solutions in agile way.

Coaching Agile Coaches program can be a private program to an organization or coaches can attend our public (classroom / online) session too. Private program requires minimum 12 people to run and the same count is applicable for public program. Public program will only run if there is minimum 12 people register for same.

Our coaches help individuals at 2 levels (Beginner and Intermediate)

Level I – Beginner [team Level]

At this level, predominant coaching model is “teaching”. Our coaches teach agile values & principles, various frameworks like scrum, Kanban, large-scale scrum, scaled agile, DevOps and extreme programming etc. Teaching is based on both generic and specific scenarios. Generic teaching focus on applicability of good practices in agile product development whereas specific scenarios are based on real product / work that participants working to help them to move on smoothly.

Learning objectives

  • Need for agile approach within organization
  • What’s available in the name of agility
  • How agile approach can transform organizational processes and digitally
  • Learn popular frameworks like Scrum, Large-Scale Scrum, Lean Product development and many more
  • How to initiate agile practices within organization
  • Defining boundaries to align with organization vision and goal
  • Learn tips and techniques to be a successful teacher to teach adult
  • Gain mastery in facilitation techniques to grow agility within organization
  • Understanding about metrics to improve processes, practices and track progress

Participants qualification

This is for anyone and everyone who is willing to play role of Scrum Master, Process coach or Team level Agile Coach

What is included / covered at this level

  • 3 days extensive coaching on agile & scrum including role of Scrum Master
  • 2 days Advance Scrum Master training to learn facilitation technique
  • 2 days training on product ownership including how to prepare product backlog, write user stories and prepare product roadmap
  • 3 days coaching on agile coaching to learn basics of coaching
  • 2 days introductory training on scaling agile frameworks like SAFe® and LeSS
  • 10 days Follow-up sessions either on-job (in case of private) or classroom/online group coaching to deal with specific challenges

Outcome of Level I

  • Competent coaches to support and sustain agility at team level
  • Accredited by competent body such as Scrum Org, Scrum Alliance, ICAgile, Scaled Agile and LeSS company
  • Participants are equipped to deal with
    • Team level conflict
    • Team level dependencies management and handle impediments
  • Capable to teach basic agile based process frameworks like Scrum and Kanban

Level II – Intermediate

At this level, Mentoring and Coaching is the primary focus along with leadership and system coaching. Participants will go through extensive mentoring and coaching sessions to learn the art and science of mentoring and coaching to bring agility at enterprise level. This Program’s learning objective covers about powerful questing, coaching conversions, leadership style and enterprise governing model. The program will delve into processes and practices in regards to self-manage and self-organized to create a learning organization.

Learning objectives

  • Various coaching model based on International Coaching Federation
  • Mentoring skills and tips & Tricks for effective mentoring
  • Learning about Enterprise Agile practices
  • How to drive change in an organization (ADKAR)
  • How to scale practices at organization level (Scaled Scrum)
  • Setting up and running COE and CoPs
  • Learn build team to transform enterprises digitally

Participant’s pre requisite:

This is for practicing Scrum Masters, Process coaches and Team level Agile Coaches including people from business, IT and HR

What is included / covered at this level

  • 8 hours of 1×1 coaching which is designed based on ICF framework
  • 2 days of training on Business Agility
  • 3 days of training on Coaching Agile Enterprise
  • 3-days training on Large-Scale Scrum to learn about product-based design
  • 2-days coaching on SAFe® framework
  • 2-days of workshop on Enterprise Kanban
  • 1-day workshop on Design Thinking and Service Thinking
  • 10 days Follow-up sessions either on-job (in case of private) or classroom/online group coaching to deal with Systemic impediments

Outcome of Level II

  • Qualified coaches to support and sustain agility at team level
  • Help in preparing for CTC and CEC from Scrum Alliance
  • Accredited by competent body such as ICF org, Scrum Alliance, ICAgile, Scaled Agile and LeSS company
  • Trained to deal with enterprise level conflict
  • Well educated to handle systemic impediments
  • Capable to teach organizational and business agility

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