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We help you achieve Business Agility at Scale

Leverage the deep expertise of Agilemania’s SAFe® Consulting team to accelerate your transformation by helping you navigate challenges and avoid potential pitfalls.


Benefits of business agility with SAFe®

Leverage the deep expertise of Agilemania’s SAFe® Consulting team to accelerate your transformation by helping you navigate challenges and avoid potential pitfalls.

Agilemania Services for Scaling Agile

We can help you scale Agile all the way from assessing Agile-readiness across the organization to training and coaching your teams and implementation consulting even beyond the transformation.

Business Agility Consulting

Are you looking to turn market disruption into a competitive advantage?

Business Agility is about recognizing the change, uncertainty, and volatility in the world and being prepared for those changes for competitive advantage.

At Agilemania, we understand it is a whole business concept. It is not about technology; it is not about projects. It is about a mindset that you turn into ways of thriving in the changing market. We also understand and respect that every client is unique and needs a bespoke approach to business agility.

Our team of SAFe® Program Consultants has helped dozens of clients from a multitude of domains, including Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing help clients design and implement end-to-end business agility solutions.


Launching Agile Release Trains and Accelerate

While it is true that no one size fits all, there are several tried and tested approaches and practices at Agilemania which can help with the effective launch of your ART.

We help co-create a specific, result-oriented strategy and action plan that sets the teams and the Agile Release Train on the right track.


SAFe® Advisory

It doesn’t have to be lonely on top for you as a leader.

We specialize in leadership consulting for executives and leaders that support them in setting the direction and providing exemplary leadership through the SAFe® transformation.

We also offer leadership coaching and training with a focus on Leading the change and Leading by Example.


SAFe® Training and Coaching

Implementing and sustaining Business Agility needs people enabled and empowered to take on and grow in the roles.

Our experienced coaches with real-world implementation experience and trained in brain-based learning can help you and your teams with the requisite practices, skills, and mindset needed to deepen the understanding and actions required to execute and lead transformations successfully. At Agilemania we offer a variety of training options aiming to ameliorate different skills and competencies.


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We are a dedicated team of passionate professionals focused on consulting organizations in transforming businesses with digital and Agile.

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