Welcome to your Sample Scrum Master Question

1. Who owns the Sprint backlog and takes the call to update it?
2. The Sprint review is:
3. Developers in support with Scrum Master can take a call to cancel the Sprint?
4. Only Product Owner can take a cancel a Sprint?
5. What NOT to discuss in the Sprint Retrospective?
6. In what scenarios a Product Owner can abnormally terminate the Sprint?
7. The time-box for the Sprint Planning meeting is?
8. What are the Scrum values?
9. The acceptance criteria and Definition of DONE are both same?
10. What is the immediate impact on the productivity of a Scrum team by adding more members to it?
11. The Scrum Master…
12. Who creates the Definition of Done?
13. The Product Owner tells you that there are too many defects in the recent release. The customers are not happy. The stakeholders are also complaining about the quality of the product. What are the possible options to move ahead?
14. The Product backlog may include
15. The Sprint backlog may include
16. The adaptation for the Sprint planning is
17. How much time is required after a Sprint to prepare for the next Sprint?
18. Product Owner is
19. What is the best suited structure for Development Teams in order to produce integrated Increments?
20. Daily Scrum is started by