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Behavior Driven Development
  • Interactive & instructor-led workshop with hands-on
  • Customizable based organization need
  • Option to choose technologies and tools
  • Collaborative approach to write executable specification
  • Test automation using tools to deliver quality product
  • Learn by doing – build system from scratch by pairing

This program introduces one of the core practice of Software Development Programming in Agile. Behaviour Driven Development encourages collaboration among developers, quality assurance teams and non-technical business people throughout the planning, development and testing cycle of a software project.

BDD is based on test first approach similar to TDD and ATDD and follows same principles of TDD like RED->GREEN->REFACTOR. We teach BDD using Cucumber, Specflow, Behave to support java, c#, JavaScript, ruby and python depending on participant choice of technologies. You can find more about our work here – Agilemania Blog and Presentation Slides.

Topic Coverage

  • Product Vision, Features and need of User stories
  • Quick introduction to User Story Mapping
  • Crafting INVEST User Stories to prepare DEEP backlog
  • Defining SMART Acceptance Criteria by engaging business people
  • Importance of Scenarios in 3 amigos session
  • Effective Collaboration techniques to find out valid Scenario
  • Capturing Scenarios with Gherkin
  • Patterns for Writing meaningful Scenarios
  • Hands-on using Gherkin to document an entire Application
  • First Automated example for your scenario
  • Automating Scenarios: Getting Beyond the Basics
  • Dealing with Obstacles: Randomness, External Systems, etc.
  • Getting into living documentations
  • Driving Implementation and Design from Scenarios
  • Building testable product from scratch using BDD

Other Details

  • Duration of training is 1-5 days and depends on organization needs. Public program is available for 1-day introduction to behaviour driven development
  • Bring your own laptop to work through our hands-on exercises if possible else collaborate with other during workshop
  • No software installation is required but if you already have IDE installed then appreciated
  • For exercises needing software, the same would be provided during the workshop


  • Product owners and product managers
  • Business analysts, software engineers and quality engineers
  • Non-engineers and non-coders involved in product design

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