Agile Coach+

Agile Coach + is a mentoring program to jumpstart the role of the Agile Coach. But let me warn you that this will be helpful only if you have already operated in Agile, Scrum or SAFe, etc. The program is designed based on our coaches’ experience and expectations from an agile coach. It will have 15 sessions, each for 2 hours, and you will get a participation certificate after completing ten sessions.


The purpose of Agile Coach+

To learn the Agile Coach’s practical side as a change agent in transforming an organization to be agile. This mentoring session aims to effectively implement the learnings gained from the framework and coach training to accelerate the organizational transformation.

Program Outline of Agile Coach+

The Mentoring Program will run for 15 weeks and will have 2 hours of the session every week. The session will start at 7 PM India time and will take place every Wednesday. Below is a high-level objective for this program.

  • Insight about popular Agile methods and frameworks
  • Scrum Master vs. Agile Coach – similarities and differences
  • Life of an Agile coach at team, program, and the enterprise level
  • Deep dive into Agile coaching and the role of Agile Coach
  • How to be a role model as a Lean-Agile practitioner
  • Learn to design a framework for change as a change agent
  • Gain experience in teaching, mentoring, and facilitating change
  • Agile coach as a team & individual coach
  • Strategizing an Agile roll-out and enabling more change agents

The ideal candidate for Agile Coach+

Anyone can join to learn and improve skills around the above learning objective. However, it is best suited for

  • You are a newly minted coach, either professional or Agile.
  • You are an Agile coach exploring practical ways to usher in the new way of thinking, working, and measurements.

Invest in yourself

I am a firm believer in free education and conduct multiple free workshops every month. I wanted to keep this open, but it is about your commitment and my commitment to this program. You should be paying as little as INR 1500 or USD 25 per session. To receive a completion certificate, you require to attend a minimum of ten sessions.


Registration is now open for the 1st Batch Till Limited Seats Available.


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