Advanced-Certified Scrum Developer® (A-CSD) Certification In HongKong

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Course Description

Advance your technical skills in agile product development through our two Advanced Scrum Developer workshop days. Certified Scrum Developers (CSD®) have demonstrated — through a combination of formal training and a technical skills assessment — that they have a working understanding of Scrum and agile principles and have learned specialized agile product development skills.

The Advanced Certified Scrum Developer℠ course is designed to up-level the skills of growth-oriented CSDs by immersing you in practice and practical application. The goal is to expose students to advanced tools and collaboration techniques needed to build good products iteratively and incrementally Scrum requires.

The Advanced Certified Scrum Developer from Agilemania program introduces Acceptance Test-Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development, Test-Driven Development, Refactoring, Emergent Design, Agile Architecture, DevOps, and refactoring techniques. It follows a life cycle approach where participants learn how to practice these in real-life projects.

Design Frameworks
Continuous Integration
Test-Driven Development
ATDD and BDD Workshop

Course Objectives

  • Test-Driven Development life cycle
  • Drive the development (design and implementation) of a User Story
  • Refactoring, Clean Code principle, and Refactoring to Patterns
  • Software design, design Principles, and emergent design
  • Behavior-Driven Development
  • Specification by Examples using Gherkin language
  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Deployment
  • DevOps practices inside Scrum
  • Testing in Agile Software Development

Who Should Attend?

A-CSD training is for the Scrum team, including Scrum Master. We recommend inviting the whole team to learn rather than just 1-2 members.

Course Topics

  • Collaboration between the Business and Development Team
  • How to write a better specification
  • Why are Examples needed for specification
  • Writing Examples in Gherkin

  • Principles of Acceptance Test-Driven Development
  • Consequences of ATDD on the Sprint Planning and Sprint Review
  • Principles of Behavior-Driven Development
  • Practicing BDD with Cucumber/Behave/SpecFlow: installation, writing features, testing, and reporting
  • Role of Product Owner and crew when writing scenarios acceptance

  • Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach and its benefits
  • Improving the quality and design of the code by TDD
  • Different types of tests: unit, integration, functional

  • Understand the life cycle of a test in the Unit Testing framework
  • Respect for the principle of isolation and control of test results
  • The mocks or simulate how the code Device code tested
  • Use of simulation frameworks

  • Definition and principles of frameworks
  • Emergent Design
  • Principle of scalability and implementation

  • The consequence of technical debt and the risk of "breaking" the code
  • Where? When? How refactoring?
  • Three stages of refactoring
  • Support of TDD and ATDD during refactoring
  • Best practices and limitations

  • Principles, environment, and infrastructure
  • Branching strategies and patterns for continuous integration
  • Continuous Delivery and Deployment - Why and How?
  • DevOps Introduction

  • Importance of Agile testing
  • Ensure better quality product sprint by sprint
  • Test Automation Frameworks
  • Test quadrants and test pyramids

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The Advanced Certified Scrum Developer℠ course is designed to up-level the skills of growth-oriented CSDs by immersing you in practice and practical application. The goal is to expose students to advanced tools and collaboration techniques needed to build good products in the iterative and incremental fashion that Scrum requires.

Certification Assessments

On your path to CSP-D℠, you must demonstrate an understanding of Scrum and agile engineering practices by passing a CSD assessment provided by a Scrum Alliance-approved CSD educator. The assessment may be an exam the educator administers or an active, classroom-based assessment.

Maintain your A-CSD℠ certification by earning Scrum Education Units® (SEUs) and renewing your certification every two years.


Advanced-Certified Scrum Developer® Course certification is now available at highly competitive rates from various institutions, making it accessible and affordable for individuals seeking to become Advanced-Certified Scrum Developer® s. While the cost is no longer a significant concern, it is essential to emphasize that passing the Advanced-Certified Scrum Developer® requires patience and a careful thought process. These qualities are equally crucial in successfully navigating the certification process.

To be an Advanced-Certified Scrum Developer®, you must complete the LeSS Certification course post-that and pass the Advanced-Certified Scrum Developer® Certification examination.

There are several reasons why you should consider the Advanced-Certified Scrum Developer® course offered by Agilemania:

Expert Trainers: Agilemania boasts experienced and highly knowledgeable trainers with extensive practical experience in Agile and Scrum methodologies.
Comprehensive Curriculum: The course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an Advanced-Certified Scrum Developer®.
Interactive and Engaging Learning Approach: Agilemania follows an interactive and engaging learning approach that encourages active participation and collaboration.
Practical Application Focus: The course emphasizes applying Agile and Scrum concepts practically.
Supportive Learning Environment: Agilemania fosters a supportive learning environment where participants can ask questions, seek clarification, and receive guidance from the trainers.
Certification Preparation: The course prepares participants for internationally recognized certifications such as Advanced-Certified Scrum Developer®.
Ongoing Support: Agilemania believes in providing ongoing support even after the course completion.

By choosing Agilemania's Advanced-Certified Scrum Developer® course, you can expect high-quality training, practical knowledge, and the necessary skills to excel in your Agile journey.

Attending the Advanced-Certified Scrum Developer® course can provide several benefits to you as an individual:
1. Enhanced Knowledge and Skills
2. Improved Career Opportunities
3. Increased Effectiveness in Your Role
4. Enhanced Team Collaboration
5. Confidence in Decision-Making
6. International Recognition
7. Networking and Community Engagement
Corporate Training

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What are the benefits of an Advanced Certified Scrum Developer℠ certification?

In today's competitive job market, Advanced Certified Scrum Developer℠ training can fuel your career success and increase your effectiveness on any Scrum team. A successful Certified Scrum Developer commits to continuous improvement, making A-CSD℠ the logical next step. The coursework and dedication needed to achieve an A-CSD℠ helps you become a better practitioner of Scrum and agile development. By earning an Advanced Certified Scrum Developer certification℠, you:

  • Enjoy the power to collaboratively improve your team’s working dynamics and effectiveness
  • Grow your technical capabilities by practicing agile-tested approaches to development
  • Expand your understanding of the foundations of Scrum and the scope of your role
  • Improve your career opportunities by staying relevant and marketable to agile businesses
  • Engage with a community of like-minded Scrum developers who are committed to continuous improvement
  • Analyze your growth and discover new opportunities to accelerate your career as an agilist
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