Vikas Uppal

ICAgile Instructor

A global persona with an illustrious 27-years of career spanning across 07 countries and monumental associations with industry-leading consulting firms.

Vikas Uppal

In the ever-evolving landscape of Future Tech, Product, and Leadership, Vikas stands tall, having sculpted innovative ventures addressing the ‘Future of Work’, boosting industries with unparalleled future talent, and pioneering EdTech that merges innovation & entrepreneurship.

As the architect behind ‘TIM – The Innovation Master’, Vikas is lighting the way for students, emerging entrepreneurs, and firms eager to tap into the dynamism of

His entrepreneurial chronicles boast of the tech-savvy Curiosobyte (2016), trailblazing WeCollab Consulting (2017), the transformative Agyanharini (2019), and the pivotal Product Capability UpliftTM (2022). Beyond the business realm, Vikas’s voice resonates on TEDx stages, advocating for ‘Innovation in the Future of Work
through Gamification’. A student influencer par excellence, his expertise in gamifying innovation is redefining paradigms.

Owning and pioneering brands such as WeCollab Consulting, Agyanharini, Curiosobyte, and Product Capability Uplift, Vikas Uppal’s name has become synonymous with innovation and entrepreneurial prowess. At the heart of our platform lies his ground-breaking spirit, exemplified not just as the co-founder of TIM but also through his extensive ventures in Future Tech, Product, Leadership, and Venture Development. With a vast footprint spanning 7 countries, Vikas’s influence in the ever-evolving world of technology and entrepreneurship remains unparalleled.

A Global Trajectory

Every collaboration, venture, and partnership in Vikas’s journey across continents stands testament to his profound understanding of varied technological landscapes and market nuances. His multicultural insight, derived from hands-on experiences, remains a defining characteristic of our brand.

Innovation through Gaming

An advocate for the amalgamation of gaming and professional innovation, Vikas has championed the concept of “Innovation in the Future of Work through Gamification.” His insights on the subject, shared on platforms like TEDx, have illuminated the path for many.

WeCollab Consulting & Other Ventures: Pillars of Vision

Under Vikas’s leadership, WeCollab Consulting emerged as a blueprint for the ‘Future of Work’. Ventures like Curiosobyte and Agyanharini, meanwhile, bear his unmistakable mark of innovation and foresight.

From Product Developer to Mentor

While his ventures showcase Vikas’s acumen as a product developer and entrepreneur, his heart resonates with the passion of an educator. He has tirelessly worked towards shaping the next wave of innovators and leaders, guiding many budding entrepreneurs toward success.

Product Capability Uplift: Raising the Bar

Vikas’s relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in initiatives like Product Capability Uplift, where he aimed to redefine industry standards and cater to the technological demands of the modern era.

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