Estimation and
Planning in SAFe®

The purpose of iteration planning is to organize the work and define a realistic scope for the iteration. It’s an event where all team members determine how much of the Team Backlog they can commit to delivering during an upcoming Iteration. Learn how the team summarizes the work as a set of committed Iteration Goals.

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3 Hours Workshop

Friday|20th April 2021
Starting at 08:00 PM IST

Naveen Kumar Singh
Speaker of the Event

Learn the difference between traditional and agile estimation, explore Agile Estimation techniques and their Pros and Cons.

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Program Overview

Agile Estimation & Planning plays a pivotal role in planning and managing the development of a product, and in the same way, when it answers the questions such as “How many features will be completed?”, “when it will be done?” and“ How much will this cost?”. In order to answer these questions using Agile, we need to have effective planning meetings and estimate the size of what we are building & measure the velocity rate at which we can get the work done.

With this information, we can derive the likely product development duration and the correspondence cost by dividing the estimated size of a set of features by the team’s velocity. SAFe® is for building products, solutions at the enterprise level. There are multiple teams involved from different functional areas to align with the vision & mission of the organization. In such a case, planning and forecasting becomes even more important.
So, what do we do differently in SAFe® for Estimation and Planning. Let us find out.

Key Learning Outcomes

The fundamentals of Iteration Planning
Measuring capacity of Agile Teams for Iteration
Techniques for estimation and planning
Developing and Committing to Iteration Goals
Introduction to Program Backlog
Prioritizing Program Backlog
Introduction to PI Planning

Agenda For Workshop

Prouct Envisioning Workshop

  • A brief overview of SAFe®
  • A brief overview of Iteration and Agile Team
  • How to do Iteration Planning and the Estimation Techniques involved
  • Program Backlog and it’s prioritization
  • PI Planning

Why Go For This Master Class

Learn more concepts and examples by tapping into one another’s experience during this short workshop. We believe in learning from each other as a team.


Our consultants are learners and they keep learning new practices. This is what makes them different. We believe in a culture of co-learning instead of one-way learning.


Complete hands-on workshop to deal with organizational challenges and implantation issues. Participants learn by doing and the training facilitator focuses on individual and interaction than theory.


All our consultants are expert coaches working with various organizations across the globe and helping the organization to adopt these practices.

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  • Good understanding of multiple techniques for Preparing product Features
  • Learn how to create Product and purpose with Product Vision
  • Working knowledge of Vision and Product goal mapping

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