Nowadays everyone wanted to become agile coach after clearing Certified ScrumMaster (CSM). And why not there are already so many scrum masters and we have to stand out of the crowd. There is nothing wrong in this because we all have passion and desire to become something.

People consider CSP (certified scrum professional) as 1st step in order to become agile coach. I don’t know how true is that but I know people start collecting SEUs. This SEUs business is not bad either especially for community building because many started coming to conferences and meetup to collect SEUs.

But there is some challenges? Nowadays companies are looking for specific kind of coach like Process Coach, Flow Coach, Scrum Coach, Kanban Coach, Technical Coach and Developer Coach etc. This is creating another level of confusion for people wanting to become coach. In fact I am waiting to see if someone post LeSS Coach so I can apply :) Even training business flourish when market create confusion. I can see many people wanted to attend Scrum Developer workshop in order to become technical coach and earn 24 SEUs.

Don’t know where this industry is heading but so far everything looks lucrative. Also all certification bodies like scrum alliance, Scaled Agile etc. keep launching new certifications to tap market opportunity like enterprise coach, team coach and now leadership program so be ready to spend more in order to be in race.

I still believe Scrum Master is true coach provide he or she is good facilitator and servant leader. If Scrum Master has exposure on technical practices such TDD, ATDD, CI and Pair Programming etc then nothing like it. But this is what I believe.

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