Scrum Masters do a lot at work, but many say it is a thankless job. What’s the meaning of a thankless job? We also hear Scrum Masters actively do nothing, and that confuses. Let’s discuss meaningful work for a Scrum master and find a balance in actively doing nothing versus helping the scrum team perform at their best.

About Agile30:

Agile30 is a group of learners from the agile product development field bound by a common goal to share and learn about agile and related practices. We run meetup regularly in Singapore, Bangkok, Malaysia and India to learn and share knowledge about Agile, Scrum, XP, Kanban, DevOps and Scaling Agile Frameworks. We do discuss and share opportunities related to Agile Coaching and Training within the group.

Nov 7th, 2020
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM IST