Scrum is an open-source process framework to develop software and other complex products. It is available to everyone through the Scrum Guide and the guide consists of 19 pages. Since it is a framework, it doesn’t provide step by step process on how to run an event. Sprint is the core of Scrum and it starts with Sprint planning. Not having an effective sprint planning impact outcomes at the end of the sprint. I am going to share do’s and don’ts of the sprint planning to maximize outcome.

We will run this for 1 hours and to make it easy, I have added a few topics based on the past discussion. But will add more and vote to discuss.

✓ Who participates and why?
✓ Prerequisites for effective sprint planning
✓ How to set the sprint goal?
✓ What to do as a product owner to maximize outcomes?
✓ What’s the role of a scrum master during sprint planning?
✓ How development team prepares a plan to meet the goal?
✓ How to avoid spillover and overestimate?
✓ Purpose of having Definition of Done
✓ Why we call it to inspect and adapt events and what to adapt?
✓ How to measure the success of sprint planning?