1. The increment can be described as:
2. The Daily Scrum is timeboxed to:
3. Scrum has a role The Project Manager
4. Who in Scrum Team is responsible for expressing the Product Backlog Items?
5. Who in Scrum Team is responsible for writing the Product Backlog Items (User Stories)?
6. Which statement is true about Product Backlog?
7. Tracking the work in sprint is the responsibility of?
8. What does it mean to say that an event has a timebox?
9. The recommended size of the Scrum Team is:
10. Who in Scrum team can abnormally terminate the Sprint?
11. The purpose of each sprint is:
12. Multiple teams who are working on the same Product must have the same cadences?
13. The Definition of Done is inspected and adapted during?
14. Sprint length can be extended temporarily to accommodate the adhoch requests or the undone work?
15. The time-boxed events in scrum are:
16. What gets covered during the Sprint Planning?
17. What all can be included in the Sprint backlog?
18. Which following statements are true?
19. Due to non-availability of a few of Scrum team members, the Sprint Retrospective can be conducted in the next sprint?
20. The increment of the Sprint must be released to the Production by end of each sprint?