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Up until recently, Agile dominated the software industry. Over the years, however, Agile has become the new gold standard in both IT and non-IT industries. The cross-sectoral reach of Agile has one goal- creating more value for the customers. In the ever-dynamic and competitive market, organizations are more keen on delivering better products and services compared to their contenders.

The most recent uptick in Agile has been its widespread application in the Human Resource sector. An increasing number of HR professionals are exploring all means to improve organizational adaptability and manage volatility with Agile. The trend  has been more common in the Fortune 2000 companies, where scaling Agile efforts is a clear mandate. The HR and recruitment professionals in such organizations are considering Agile to streamline their talent-management processes.

Keeping the above needs in mind, we at Agilemania are offering courses related to Agility in Human Resources that have gained a fairly rapid momentum.

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction to the agile approach
  • How is the agile approach related to Lean and Systems thinking?
  • Why work with agility?
  • What are agile mindset and values?
  • How can we adapt at a project-level to create maximum value in an agile organization?
  • How should people recruitment, development, salary, performance evaluation and rewards look like? Do we provide what people need to perform well?
  • How can we make people take responsibility and feel a sense of ownership for their work when everyone in the organization needs to be a leader?
  • How can we use agile techniques like Scrum and Kanban?
  • What are the specific skills that we need to use to run an agile transformation, from a people perspective?

Who Should Attend

The workshop can be attended by
  • Line managers
  • HR business partners/ specialists
  • Managers from support functions (e.g. IT, HR, marketing or finance)
  • Consultant managers, general managers, management teams, consultants and more

Learning Outcome

Supporting An Agile Organizational Transformation

Attendees will acquire knowledge of

  • How to rightly assess the present organizational structure
  • Develop different ideas around how to create a new structure that enables business agility, maximizes communication and collaboration within teams and facilitates the flow of value.
Setting Goals And Managing Performance

Here, the workshop attendees will learn

  • How to evaluate current performance management practices
  • Identify unique ways of employing Agile thinking to improve performance, accountability, and growth through new goal setting tools such as OKR
Handling Salaries And Benefits In An Agile Organization

In this module, you will learn

  • How to compare and contrast prevalent incentive structures with Agile-friendly structures
  • Discuss the pros and cons of every new approach
  • Understand how you could implement them in your own project environment.
Developing Action Plans For Establishing An Agile Mindset

The learners will master the art of building new skills that will facilitate cross-functional teams based on T-shaped people

Motivation And Employee Engagement In An Agile Way

In this module

  • We will recommend the implementation of motivational tools in different context
  • Discuss how the traditional employee engagement survey needs to alter when we work extensively with an agile value structure.
Handling Talent Acquisition And Candidate Experience

We will explain

  • How to create a design and sourcing-strategy that can be applied to identify and acquire the cultural fit to support the strategic growth of the organization.
  • Incorporating values, culture, diversity, and collaboration into hiring decisions.
Enabling And Supporting Agile Learning

We will suggest ways to

  • Create and cultivate a learning mindset in a team
  • Enable a work culture with more focus on developing new skills and continuous improvement and less focus on deficits
Why The Agile Mindset Is Everybody’s Responsibility?

We will show the existing HRs and Agile aspirants

  • How to design the talent/people elements needed to support agile transformation at an organizational scale
  • Explain the nuances of ownership, responsibility, and accountability.
The Necessary Changes In All Functions

You will have a complete understanding of

  • How business agility impacts the functioning of your organization
  • How it reshapes team members’ roles and behaviors

Practical Tools, Templates, And Exercises

Here you will learn
  • How to work with agile tools and methods
  • How to employ core concepts like Kanban, Sprints, Scrum, and Retrospectives to increase performance

Overall, the 2-day workshop lays emphasis mainly on practical and industry-relevant examples. The instructors will also present a series of tools you can use while getting started with Agile.

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