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Agile testing is about how to test product incrementally rather than big bang testing. 2-3 day workshop covering test planning, testing quadrant, whole team approach, automation vs manual testing etc. Workshop covers API as well GUI testing using TDD, BDD and ATDD tools for web, mobile and desktop application. Testing usually become a tough challenges when required to complete within shorter iteration and not performing well may increase technical debts. This is a good workshop for even manual testers to learn automation and designing test framework in collaboration with developer to produce tested potentially shippable software.

Learning Objective Of The Workshop

  • Introduction to Agile and Scrum from a developer and Tester prospective
  • Role of testing and testers in Agile
  • Building Test Plan and developing test framework
  • Understanding about Test Quadrant
  • Manual Vs Automation Testing
  • Behavior Driven Testing using BDD tools
  • Test Driven Development and importance TDD
  • Pair Programming and Pair Testing
  • Importance of Exploratory Testing
  • Create lightweight Test Strategy and Test Plans
  • Create useful metrics and reports
  • Deliver a quality product increment
  • Understand Test infrastructure and environments
  • Work with distributed teams

Learning Tools – Cucumber, Specflow, behave, robot framework, junit, nunit, Selenium, TestNG, Appium, Jenkins, Fitnesse and Maven and many more..

Learning Activities – Hands-on activities (60-70%) and discussion on mentioned topics (30-40%). Hands-on activities includes writing specification, test, code, writing examples and some group creativity activities.

Target Audience – Development team members including QA engineers, test managers, developers, testers, architects, leads and scrum masters. Basically everyone wanted to learn agile testing.

Prerequisites – Laptops/Desktops with required software and internet connection.