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The new-age marketers are facing unforeseen challenges at every stage of execution. In Agile(mania) terms, we have sorted and listed these challenges as –

  • Speed of change
  • Technology adoption
  • Empowerment of buyers
  • Minimal resources.

The very need for Agile Marketing training stems from STEMTM. These challenges have remained unaddressed for more than 50 years, which explains why traditional marketing and execution is becoming increasingly futile. That being said, it is clear why marketers are suffering from a lack of transparency, time crunches and a lack of flexibility. Needless to say, their repute as marketers is at stake.

Our Agile Marketing training course caters to this wide spectrum of challenges. Your key takeaways from this course will be –

  • Why conventional methods of managing marketing fail
  • The power of Agile marketing and Agile software development
  • How to make marketing teams more productive
  • How to respond and adapt to changing market requirements
  • Agile Marketing principles, processes, terminology and tools

With the help of real-world examples, we explain how teams are using Agile Marketing today, and discuss how to inspire and organize marketers for maximum effectiveness in Agile Marketing teams.

This course will also cover the practicalities of implementing Agile Marketing in organizations. You will walk away with actionable insights on –

  1. Agile marketing transitioning and sustaining
  2. Potential challenges and ways to avoid
  3. Selling it into organizations
  4. Budget impact of Agile marketing

Students Will learn How to

  • Create a buyer persona
  • Describe each persona’s buyer’s journey
  • Tailor your marketing model to your buyers
  • Organize your marketing work by strategic priorities
  • Use relative estimation for predictable performance
  • Use Scrum for adaptive and iterative planning
  • Use Scrum to track progress and improve productivity
  • Involve and deliver tangible results to executives and sales leaders
  • Measure effectiveness in ways that stakeholders understand
  • Effectively budget for marketing without a 12-month plan

Course Outline

  • Agile Marketing: The Basics
  • Agile Marketing Implementation
  • Agile Marketing: Foundational Elements
  • Agile Marketing with Scrum
  • Agile Marketing: Advanced Scrum Topics
  • Measuring Outcomes
  • Adopting Agile Marketing into Your Company Culture
  • Common Pitfalls of Agile Marketing

Who Should Attend

  • Marketing Managers, Directors, VPs or CMOs
  • Marketing Specialists or Coordinators
  • Marketing Analysts and Database Managers
  • Agency Client Services Managers and Specialists
  • Account Specialists
  • Event Marketing Professionals
  • Media Buyers and Supervisors
  • Traffic Coordinators and Managers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Web Content Editors and Managers
  • SEO Specialists and Marketers
  • Art and Creative Designers and Directors
  • Copywriters
  • Public Relations Account Supervisors and Managers
  • Communications Specialists and Managers

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